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Few Things That You SHould Know About Your Limo Rentals

Limousines have become the power packed style statement these days. When you want class, luxury and opulence and a power packed entry which can turn heads, a limo is the answer. Limo Rentals are expensive, hence most people use them to mark special occasions like marriage, honey moon etc. Indeed, a white or a jet back limo complete with a uniformed chauffeur is sure to make you to a cynosure of all eyes.

Since a limo rental service is costly you need to take care of some things so that you have a great experience with your rented limo.

*When your limousine arrives late:? There may be times when your limo is late due to some reason. That may cause you to miss the event or you may even have to rent another vehicle to make it in time. This problem normally occurs due to a lack of communication between the two parties. Hence, to avoid such a scenario, you should always call the limo and inquire about their whereabouts before time. You can even work out a plan with the rental agency. Call and remind the agency a couple of times before the main day. You can give them a call a couple of days before the main event, then on the eve of the main event and then on the day the event is going to take place.

*When you get the wrong limo: You had booked a particular model of the limousine and you get the wrong model at the 11th hour. It can really be stressful! Then you need to make calls for replacement or just make do with whatever you get. In order to avoid this problem, you need to make sure that you go to the right kind of rental agency. Call them up before the appointed day and inquire about the vehicle they are sending you.

*Bad Customer Service: Not everyone can run a great limo rental agency. Hence, if you haven’t done your home work properly then you may get a limo with the customer service of a station wagon! To avoid such a scenario, you need to do your research well before hand and rent the limo from a great rental shop with good credentials.

*Your limo stalls on the way: Limos are machines after all! They may break down or develop some other problems. In such cases you will need to call the agency for a replacement vehicle. However, the delivery time is dependent on the company’s professionalism and expertise. Hence to avoid such a situation, you need to make sure that you hire a limousine from a good agency with a proven track record.

*When the Chauffeur is not polite: A limousine chauffeur needs to be polite, friendly and professional. Veteran limousine rental agencies make special efforts to train their chauffeurs to be polite and professional at all times. Hence you need to do your homework and hire your limo only from seasoned players.

On the Road to Fun!

It seems whenever Hollywood wants to depict someone living the good life, they show the character in a limousine. What’s the ultimate pampering? Pulling right up to your destination and having a chauffeur open the car door for your elegant entrance. The ultimate turn-on? Smoldering glances or hot touches behind tinted windows. The ultimate time on the town? Standing up through the open moon-roof, dancing or laughing while your Orange County limo glides along palm-lined streets.

Well, your invitation to the Academy Awards might not yet have arrived, and perhaps designers aren’t offering you free clothes for the cameras, but there’s no reason you can’t have a taste of that good life yourself. Why not spend part of your entertainment budget on an Orange County Limousine rental? This extra splurge can mark the difference between a fun evening and a fabulous one. So many cares and complications are removed when someone else does the driving: no worries about missing an exit or a turn, no trying to follow directions or read a map while driving, no parking problems, no walking blocks in inclement weather, no worries about finishing off the bottle of wine. Even traffic can be ignored. When you’re riding with your friends or loved one in the back of a limo, the trip itself becomes part of the celebration. When traffic snarls get particularly bad, it can almost double your time for fun! Plus, you arrive at your destination smiling instead of scowling.

Don’t you spend enough time behind the wheel already? Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or playing chauffeur yourself as you get your kids to their various activities, you probably don’t count the times messing with traffic as particularly pleasant or productive. So why start a special outing with an activity that’s almost guaranteed to cause a headache? Let someone else take the wheel, and deal with all the bad drivers on the road. . .and worry about construction. . .and find a place to park. . .

Why let rock stars and actors have all the fun? Don’t they get enough perks already? Treat yourself to limo service on your next evening out, and you’ll understand why it represents good living.

The Development of the Limousine Industry in the US

A long time back, the shepherds in a French province developed protective cloaks to protect themselves from rain and storms. In 1902, a car was developed, which had a similar-looking hooded compartment for the passengers to protect them from the elements. The driver of the car used to sit separately in the front. Because of its resemblance with the provincial garment, the car was named after that province. The name of this place is Limousin and the car, which went on to become one of the most famous vehicles in the history of the automobile industry, was named after it.

The first limos were any car with an enclosed passenger compartment and the driver acting as the chauffeur. The stretch limos were developed in Arkansas in 1928 by a coach building company Armbruster, as an answer to the highly popular and affordable Model T cars by Henry Ford. The stretch limo was an invention to differentiate it from the ordinary motorcars, to add the ‘X factor’ to it, in order to lure in the wealthier clients who wanted to set themselves apart from the masses.

California, the home of Hollywood, soon got caught up in the limo fever like all other US states. The people in the film industry in Hollywood were quick to realize the potential of a stretch limo to conveniently carry film sets, make-up crew and many other items. The actors were only too happy to be carried in a limo as when they stepped upon the red carpet from the back seat of a stylish limo, it immediately increased their glamour quotient. The music bands led by Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman started using stretch limos to carry their band members and equipments. In other words, limos became a status symbol for all wealthy and glamorous people in the US.

Some American entrepreneurs saw in this trend, a golden opportunity to cash in the roaring popularity of the car by renting them to common people in cities like New York and Los Angeles. It proved a huge success as limousines provided people with comfort and novelty, not to mention the electrifying sense of superiority as they step down a beautiful limo to encounter dropped jaws and envious gazes of bystanders. It proved to be equally popular with businessmen who liked the privacy of the separate passenger compartment. The limo industry, which encompasses the manufacturers, the coachbuilders, car sellers and the rental services, have never looked back.

The 21st century limos refer to a diverse types of vehicles manufactured by around 12,400 limousine companies across the US. California is one of the leading states in the US where numerous limo coachbuilders and rental services cater to the specific needs of a vast client base. Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Ventura counties are dotted with such rental offices. The punctuality and the professionalism of all limo rental services are remarkable. This is another reason for the growing popularity of limo rental services on all occasions such as prom nights, weddings and concerts.

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