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Fantastic Hotels in Greece

Greece is one country where people come back to experience its beauty. A unique beautiful country welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world. Renowned for its beautiful beaches, varied landscapes, rich culture and traditions, picturesque villages, and archaeological and mythological heritage, gives many reasons for travelers in making Greece as their holiday destination. Surveys have placed the country in the 15th place on the world rating of popular tourist destinations. USA, China, Spain and Great Britain are some of the countries from where it receives majority of its tourists.

A combination of ancient and the modern features, there is no other place like Greece. Located in the southern Europe, it is a peninsular and mountainous country. It is bordered by the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Of the total area, about one fifth of the area is islands. Only 169 are inhabited of more then 1400 islands in the country. An ancient country saw its tourism sector developing in the late 1960s and in the early 1970s. With the starting of the first hotel, number of hotels in Greece and other accommodation options has come up all over the country. Slowly tourism has caught on and today it has reached where it is most favorite destination among the Asians, Europeans and Americans. The best time to visit the country is from May to September when the tourist flow is at its peak. The sunny weather, varied landscapes and warm beaches all contribute to make this time of the year perfect for a break. With the tourist season around it is also the peak time for the Greece hotels too. This is the time for accommodation woes, as most of the hotels are fully occupied.

The astonishing beauty of Greece and its numerous beautiful islands leave the visitors amazed and they return with fond memories. Once on the country, you can experience the country’s culture, various colors, civilizations and importantly the feel of the magnificent Greek history. Visit the hundreds of archaeological and historical sites that splendidly portray the country’s past. Today, the Greek economy has a big contribution from the tourism sector, which is witnessing an increase each year. Though the region is very popular for its summer holidays, there are other forms of alternative holidays, which are gaining popularity. Some of the other holidays, which are promoted, are the ecotourism, winter tourist resorts, therapeutic spas, and discovery holidays. Greece hotels are playing a key role in promoting various specialized holidays, with excellent facilities and services.

An extremely popular destination, Greece enjoys a good weather, fine beaches and enticing food. Throughout your holiday, you will come across wonderful and interesting places to visit and equally warm, friendly people. A diverse country as Greece offers something for everyone, making it popular among families, couples, adventure enthusiasts and history lovers. Besides the world famous places like Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes, Greece has innumerable other places that offer memorable holidays.

Explore Greece its islands, Athens and other cities. With a host of accommodation choices to make, Greece never fails to satisfy its visitors. There are fantastic hotels in Greece, with hotels in Athens Greece offering superb accommodation.

Historic Hotels in Rome

As a tourist, sometimes the best thing about a vacation is the comfortable hotel. So while you are visiting Rome, Italy, why not try one of the many historic hotels? Between visiting beautiful historic fountains, the Coliseum, the Vatican Museum and enjoying the night life in Trastevere, you’ll need a cozy place to relax in the evening, but don’t let the vacation stop the moment you arrive at your hotel. There are plenty of exquisite hotels that only add to the experience of a true Roman holiday.

Suggested Historic Rome Hotels Amidst the city streets of Rome are lovely historic hotels like D’Inghilterra. Founded in 1845, the hotel’s guest list has included Hans Christian Anderson and Mark Twain. You understand why this is one of the most popular hotels when you first see the location, which sits close to the Spanish Steps. It’s unique interior style makes heads turn. With a delectable restaurant, Café Romano, this makes for a stunning all inclusive five star hotel.

Not far from the Vatican Museum is an historic district called “Prati”. Within the floors of an ancient palace, is the Les Chambres D’Or. The quiet atmosphere and sophisticated style and grace are revealed at every turn. You get some of the best views of the Eternal City when you stay at the Les Chambres D’Or.How to Pick the Right Historic Hotel in RomeRome has many culturally intoned historic hotels, and choosing the right one for your stay may be important.First, figure out the tourist destinations you are interested in. Is there a certain museum you would like to see? Do you only have a short weekend to stay in Rome? Factors like these may be of some assistance if you want to get the most out of your vacation.

For example, if you are going to visit for a short while, you could pick out the museums and all the places you would like to see, and then pick a hotel that is center to everything you want to do. You would not want to pick a hotel that is on the other side of the city from the places you want to visit.

Benefits of a Historic Hotel

You could stay at one of the Hilton, Sheraton or Holiday Inn hotels. They are very luxurious and in convenient locations. However, why stay there, when there are thousands of those in cities around the world? You would get the same standard room from a standard hotel, but a trip to Rome shouldn’t be standard.

A cultural vacation shouldn’t end the moment you reach the hotel steps. The more historic hotels in the district offer fantastic views, traditional styles and more. You are swallowed up in Italian history at ever turn. With sleek marble baths and plush carpets and the opportunity to open you window up to an ancient structure or an exceptionally beautiful church, you simply can’t miss a chance to reserve a hotel in one of the finest cities in the world.

Italy Hotels- Giving a New Meaning

Visitors to Italy are rewarded with unique and wonderful experiences to relish. Italian cities, Italian lifestyle, art and culture, stunning Alps, famous Italian fashion, the breathtaking islands all give many reasons for the visitors lining up in Italy. It is a dream destination for many and why not, when one will find amazing architecture all over the country, scintillating cuisines, world famous wines, the list can go on. Rendering a special touch to the country are the hotels in Italy, which are defining landmarks for it self. Catering to all kinds of visitors, Italy hotels strive to make the stay of their guests a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Italy has a certain romantic aura and the magical ambience associated with it who so ever comes here are spellbound. A major part of the country is mountainous and today’s modern Italy is the result of a turmoil history. Italy has today a thriving tourist industry, which is the result of its stunning natural landscapes, the majestic Alps; hills of Tuscany and Umbria, the Bay of Naples are among some of the treasures that the country holds. Italy has come to the forefront, amongst the most popular and visited travel destinations in the world. Italy has many faces to discover which you unravel as you stay here. With the mere mention of Italy, many different meanings come to everybody. For some it is the birthplace of Pizza, land of historic ruins, good wine, to hot beaches. Importantly, the country is very hospitable, obliges its visitors, and does not disappoint.

Italy is also the destination for those who want to go beyond the beaten track and take on some the adventurous and interesting activities, during their holiday. If your kind of holiday is beyond the sightseeing tours or just relaxing, then Italy has a lot many activities on offer that for will sure stir your senses, body and soul. Go on a skiing holiday or a walking tour on the beautiful countryside and the lofty mountain ranges. With so much in the offering, the country does not fall back on the accommodation front and there are number of accommodation options with Italy hotels in all categories available easily.

What better way then to add a little spice to your holiday, and a touch of color, engage in some entertainment when in Italy. You will run in to surprises as besides the monuments, hotels, museums there are number of options to be engaged and entertained. Italians also practice this, thus the place offers is full of entertainment options. From home to the world’s famous opera house, the colorful festivals, to world’s famous finest football leagues, there is something to sample. The people of Italy are fond of festivals and there are celebrations for all kinds of reasons, ranging from local fests to grand celebration. Become a part of them, get a taste of the rich culture, indulge in sampling wines, and watch the races of the wild horses. Ballet has a long history in Italy though Opera now has overtaken it in popularity.

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