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Holiday Centerpieces — Make Your Own Inexpensively

Around the holidays you will find several centerpieces available to buy or send as gifts, but they are usually very expensive. Especially if shipping is involved. Try making these simple, yet very elegant centerpieces for your next party.

The 5 Minute Centerpiece–Pull out some of your crystal serving bowls or hurricane vases. Fill them up half way with fresh cranberries, and if you have them, push a few pine branches down the inside of the glass. Fill with water and float a few white candles in the water. Beautiful!

Centerpiece with Aroma–Place a round candle about 4 inches high into a hurricane vase.  Surround the candle with whole cloves and cinnamon sticks almost to the top of the candle.  As the candle warms, your home will be filled with the most wonderful smell.  Just like you baked for hours. Very nice on buffet tables and in bathrooms.

Fruited Garland Centerpiece–Buy live pine garland from your local nursery. Run it down the middle of your table weaving it back and forth so it is laid out like a snake. Fill the spaces you created with fruit. Lemons, limes, pomegranates, apples and oranges work well. Then mingle 6-10 votive candles in between the pine and fruit. Use unscented candles so they do not compete with your food. This one works great for a dinner party because it is low and allows your guests to easily see across the table.

Sparkly Ornament Centerpiece–Fill a hurricane vase with inexpensive glass ornaments.  They come in all shapes and sizes, can be used year after year and they add amazing sparkle and color to any room, buffet table or dining table.

Glass Beads and Flower Centerpiece–Find small glass vessels around your house. Anything will work like votive holders, creamers or glass teacups. Fill them up with an inch or two of colored glass beads which can be found at craft stores. Buy your favorite fresh flowers and cut the stems really short so that the flowers fit tightly in your vases. These little centerpieces can be used in so many different ways.  You can surround larger centerpieces with them or place them in smaller areas like bathrooms, on bartops  or on mantles. Really any place that you want to spruce up.

Why spend a fortune on centerpieces when you can make them yourself using glassware that you probably already have around the house and inexpensive items from a craft store?

Revitalize With Bahamas Holidays Trip

Of the ten places in the world that lets pamper you, Bahamas stands as one prominent in the list. Holidays at Bahamas make up the best moments and experiences of your life. The leisure at Bahamas is surplus. You only have to make an occasion.

Bahamas is an independent nation that lies to the south of Florida, North America. It lies stretched out as archipelago and has over 700 islands. This tropical retreat has all it takes to win the travelers heart. There are sandy beaches, coral reef, clear water and provision for different water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, tennis, and much more.

The low-lying beaches of Bahamas and tropical vegetation with surfeit of palm trees, is an open invitation in itself to tropics. You can start with the urban center called New Providence and Paradise Islands. This place gives you the best holiday resorts. A number of hotels and resorts stay put at the shoreline of Paradise Islands. Your hotspot on this island would be Nassau.

A little heaped up with the tourists is the Grand Bahamas. The best spot here is the Freeport Lucaya. You will get to see the cheerful local populace as well as travelers that reach this place.

If you have been moved by Ernest Hemingway and his master piece Old Man and the Sea, Bimini Island is the place for you. You can have an underwater peek and find fishing sport quite popular at Bimini. Your Bahamas Holidays will take you back to the memoirs of the Old Man.

There are more destinations to be explored like Exuma Islands, Berry Islands, Andros, Pink Sands on the Harbour Island, Kamalame Cay, and the southern Bahamas.

As has already been made clear, Bahamas has some of the best accommodation facilities in the world. You can chose from the luxury beach resort to affordable hotels.

We do not want you to spoil your last minute travel deals by mere reluctance as unavailability of transport or food or anything like that. In Bahamas holidays are stuffed with amusement. You only need to contact for the booking.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Since 1931, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been lighting up the holidays each year for New York City residents and visitors.  One of the most well known decorated Christmas trees in the United States, this tree has become an iconic symbol of the holiday season in New York City.  The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is also a major tourist attraction; thousands come to New York each year to see the tree lighting ceremony, or just to view the tree during the several weeks when it is on display.

The first tree displayed in Rockefeller Center in 1931 was a Balsam Fir measuring about 20 feet tall.  It was set up by construction workers who were building Rockefeller Center, and during this depression-era, they were proud to have a tree displayed amidst the mud and construction debris of their work area.

Today the Rockefeller tree is usually a giant Norway Spruce measuring between 75 and 90 feet tall.  The tree is unofficially selected each year by the manager of the Rockefeller Center gardens, with the search for the perfect tree beginning months ahead of time.  Each year, the Rockefeller Center receives hundreds of photographs from people all over the United States, and even some in Canada, offering their trees for use in Rockefeller Center.  The manager then drives around the Northeastern part of the United States, viewing trees and looking for the perfect specimen.  In winter months, the tree is scouted out by helicopter until one has been selected.

Norway Spruce trees are not native to North America, in fact they grow naturally in Europe.  Here in the U.S., Norway Spruces are generally planted as ornamental trees in front or back yards, and they can grow to enormous proportions, as tall as 80 to 110 feet.  The Rockefeller center specifies that the tree they use for their official Christmas tree must measure at least 65 feet tall and 35 feet wide, though the tree that’s usually selected measures larger than these dimensions.

Cutting and moving the tree is a very involved process.  Cutting and moving the tree requires 15 to 20 people and a 180 ton all-terrain hydraulic crane.  This crane travels to the location of the tree, and supports the tree by its tip while it is cut.  Once cut, the tree is then transported to a truck with a large telescoping trailer, designed to accommodate up to a 125 foot tall tree.  To avoid traffic congestion, the tree is usually moved into the heart of New York City during the nighttime hours via a pre-selected police escorted route.

The tree is erected in Rockefeller Center and is supported by four large guy wires and a steel spike that supports the tree at its base.  The tree is then lighted with over five miles of stringed lights.  In recent years, the tree’s lighting has become more energy efficient.  In 2007, for the first time, the tree was lighted with LED Christmas lights instead of incandescent.  It is estimated that the LED lights have reduced the tree’s energy consumption by almost two thirds.  In addition, the Rockefeller Center has also put up a huge array of solar panels on the roof of one of its buildings, and these solar panels help to generate the electricity needed to light the tree.

The tree is generally lighted in a special ceremony in late November or early December, and is left up through early January.  Once taken down, the tree is recycled into almost three tons of wood mulch that are donated to the Boy Scouts of America.  The largest portion of the tree’s trunk is donated to the U.S. Equestrian Team headquarters in Gladstone, New Jersey, where it is used as an obstacle jump for the horses and their riders.  In 2007, however, the tree was cut into lumber that was then donated to Habitat for Humanity for use in houses.

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