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Punta Mita: The Perfect Spot for Championship Golf and Deep Sea Fishing

(View of Casa Majani, a luxury villa in Punta Mita, Mexico)

They are two of the most beloved hobbies in the world. Their adherents travel around the world, building fantastic structures to support their desires and coming together to experience things together. Punta Mita, Mexico, is a developed resort community whose luxury rentals offer a fantastic chance for Championship Golfers and Deep Sea Fishers to enjoy their hobbies to the fullest. Let’s look at how this area can provide.

Regarded by some as the #1 golf course in all of Latin America, Jack Nicklaus’ Pacifico course features a number of holes facing or alongside the Pacific Ocean, offering a rare experience as this world-class green. The highlight of the course, however, is undoubtedly the “Tail of the Whale”. Set upon the world’s largest natural island green, this is a bonus par-three hole of 199 yards, while the primary course itself plays between 5,037 and 7,014 yards. The Punta Mita Golf Club is only open to property owners in the area and guests of the Four Seasons and St. Regis resorts, and the expansive accommodations in the villas of the resorts allow for your entire golfing club to vacation together. Punta Mita also features a second green by Jack Nicklaus, the Bahia Course, featuring six ocean holes and a leisurely trip through the St. Regis resort as well as a number of Punta Mita’s most delightful neighborhoods. For the true Golfer, this counterpart to Pacifico makes for a wonderful companion course.

Of course, not everybody plays golf, and fishing has a lot of fans of its own. Sports fishing is an entire industry in the area, and Punta Mita is full of professionals who are ready and willing to help you arrange for the ultimate deep sea fishing expedition. If you’re truly into the sport, you probably have your own pole, but it could be awkward to get your own boat all the way to Mexico if you aren’t already nearby. However, you can borrow the knowledge and equipment of the locals to make up for anything you don’t have yourself, and with those on your side, you can also head out to the best fishing spots in the entire region… and you’ll probably have some company, too. Settle down, relax, and enjoy the deep sea fishing in Punta Mita for the absolute delight that it is; as sporting trips go, this is one destination you’ll never regret.

Golf Carts Get Street Legal

Initially gaining popularity with elite golfers in the 50s and 60s, golf carts are now making their way into all sorts of unlikely places. Employees in airports, warehouses, movie sets and resorts have all gotten mobile with golf carts over the past decade. Residents of careless communities and tropical islands have been using them on the sly as a cheap way of getting from a to b for years. But perhaps one of the most surprising places to find golf carts these days is on the streets of America.

Deeply contrary to the culture of speed, golf carts and the people who drive them are demanding a piece of the road for themselves – and they’re getting it. In many ways the timing is absolutely right.

Designed to travel at a leisurely pace and run on electricity, golf carts leave a significantly smaller ecological footprint than the average vehicle. The first electric vehicle available to consumers, golf carts are compact and cheap to run, quiet, easy to drive and non-polluting. They’re also painfully slow. Most golf carts top out at speeds of 15 mph with the pedal to the metal. But if you’ve got time to get to where you’re going, what’s the problem?

Many communities have simply connected the dots between their warm weather, a preponderance of golf courses and retirees, and the sheer efficiency of these vehicles by building roads and pathways dedicated just to them. Much like bike lanes in other cities, golf cart lanes are showing up in communities all over Florida, Arizona and California.

According to a new york times article, golf cart sales to individuals have doubled over the last 10 years, a phenomenon largely due to a change in US legislation. Ever since the National Highway Traffic Safety administration allowed “low speed vehicles” such as golf carts, to travel up to 25 mph on roads with speed limits up tp 35 mph in 1998, golf carts have been slowly moving off the golf course and into people’s garages.

Of course, you have to pimp your ride before you’re legal. Road worthy carts have to be outfitted with seat belts, windshields, turn signals and brake lights before they can legally tear up the asphalt.

In 1999, Rancho Mirage CA was one of the first American cities to make Golf Carts part of the municipal scene when the city adopted a program allowing drivers to travel the streets in their carts. The city has designated golf cart lanes and paths that traverse the downtown area and skirt the entrances to some of the most exclusive designer golf courses and country clubs in America. Carrying golf clubs, groceries and purse dogs, residents cruise roads named after the icons that invented this glamorous slow-moving golf life: Bob Hope, Gerald Ford, Ginger Rogers, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra. With scarves streaming in the slow desert breeze, this is SoCal at it’s finest.

The city is no stranger to the ways of the golf cart. The Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage is said to be the first place to ever see a powered vehicle on the fairway. In the 1950s, the likes of Desi Arnez and Bing Crosby were wheeling around the Thunderbird greens in the first 3 wheeled electric golf carts Americans had ever seen. To have the modern cousins of these early vehicles taking over the streets of Rancho Mirage 60 years later is not really surprising. Some would wonder what took them so long.

What a Super-Inclusive Vacation Should Include

Are you in the process of planning a Caribbean vacation? If you are, you may be looking for affordable all-inclusive resorts. In your search, you may come across resorts that are classified as super-inclusive resorts. This will grab your attention right away, but you may be looking for more information, like what a travel package includes.

It is important to remember that Caribbean resorts and travel packages do vary. Although you will find some variances, there are many common features that a super-inclusive resort or travel package includes. A few of these features are outlined below for your convenience.

Overnight Accommodations

Of course, your stay is included in the cost of a Caribbean all-inclusive resort package. As for how you stay, it will depend on your own personal preferences. Most Caribbean resorts provide you with many options. These options may include a traditional resort room, a suite, or even a honeymoon suite. Most resorts and suites come standard with a television, air conditioner, and telephone, but other amenities are provided free of charge occasionally.


Your food and drinks should be included in a stay at a super-inclusive Caribbean resort. What you will want to do is examine the resort in question. Look for those with more restaurants, as you are provided with more eating options. Also, look for restrictions. A truly super-inclusive resort should allow you to eat, without having to pay again, at all onsite restaurants.

In addition to eating at a fine dining restaurant, super-inclusive travel packages should also include small meals and snacks. Drinks are included as well. With truly super-inclusive resorts, you will find that all drinks are included, including alcoholic beverages and not just the “cheap,” brands.


When staying at a super-inclusive Caribbean resort, you should find that tips are included in the cost of your stay. This means that you already paid for them. Some Caribbean resorts do not allow tipping. This means that the staff should not accept additional tips. If they are accepted, feel free to tip for exceptional service, but remember that you already paid for this when you purchased your travel package.


All super-inclusive resorts offer onsite activities as a part of their travel package, but what you will find may vary. For starters, all resorts should have an onsite swimming pool and fitness center, which you should be able to use as you please.

As for other included activities, it depends on the resort in question. For example, most resorts have an indoor gaming room, while a select number of Caribbean resorts have an indoor rock climbing wall.

For outdoor activities, it depends on the resort’s location and size. Some resorts in the Caribbean have onsite golf courses, volleyball nets, and basketball courts. If these activities are not included in the cost of your stay, you should get a very affordable rate.

At a select number of resorts, water based activities may be included as well. This is most commonly seen with beachfront all-inclusive resorts.

Wedding and Renewal Ceremonies

You may be surprised to hear that many super-inclusive Caribbean resorts also include wedding and renewal ceremonies in their packages. This is something that you should take into consideration if your next trip to the Caribbean doubles as a romantic getaway. Would could be more romantic that getting married or reaffirming your love for each other in the beautiful, tropical weather of the Caribbean?

In addition to the above mentioned super-inclusive travel package features, you may also find airport transfers included. This varies depending on the resort in question. If the resort you choose does provide you with airport transfers, first see if they have any restrictions on which airports you can be transported to. Even if the cost of a transfer is not included in your inclusive travel package, you should still receive an affordable rate.

As you can see, there are many features that a stay at a super-inclusive resort includes. Since you will find some variances, it is important to thoroughly examine all travel packages before making your purchase. Look for rules and restrictions that may reduce the quality or have a negative impact on your travels.

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